ROYAL FILLET - Scottish or Atlantic Salmon

In our unwavering quest for excellence, we are delighted to introduce the luxurious ROYAL FILLET — the pinnacle of smoked salmon exclusivity. Selected from the finest Scottish or Atlantic fillets, each piece is hand-cured with a blend of pure sea salt and brown sugar before being traditionally smoked over oak chips for an exquisite flavor. Crafted in our 'AA' BRCGS Miami plant, this premium salmon is steeped in centuries-old tradition.



  • Catch Weight / Approximately 16oz *
* Available Sashimi Sliced
Kosher Certified
Processed in BRCGS Level 7 Accredited Plant
Processed in FDA
Registered Plant
Processed in FDACS
Food Permitted Plant

ROYAL FILLET & Caviar Blinis


Pure Royal Filet
Creme Fraiche
Fresh Dill

The perfect dish to enjoy on a special occasion, slice the ROYAL FILLET into medallions approximately 1 cm thick and then cut in half. Set the blinis on a plate and add some creme fraiche onto each of them. Place a portion of ROYAL FILLET on top immediately followed by caviar. Don't forget to garnish with fresh dill. This recipe has been designed so every ingredient shines through without being overwhelmed by others' tastes.

Whisky & Honey
Gin & Tonic
Garlic & Pepper
Lemon & Pepper
Orange & Pepper
Limoncello & Rosemary
Champagne & Orange
Mara Seaweed & Honey
Beetroot & Blood Orange

Ultra Premium Smoked Salmon ROYAL FILLET

Our ROYAL FILLET is hand-crafted in our ‘AA’ BRCGS accredited plant from premium quality fresh Scottish or Atlantic salmon and traditionally dry cured with a blend of sea salt and brown sugar and cold smoked over oak wood chippings. Fully trimmed by hand, 100% dark meat removed, Skinless. A good source of Omega 3.

For optimum indulgence, we recommend vertically hand slicing theROYAL FILLET into centimeter-wide médaillons.

Good Source of Omega 3
Non-GMO Ingredients

ROYAL FILLET Smoke Profile


ROYAL FILLET is naturally cold smoked over a bed of smoldering oak wood chippings. We classify our salmon in three smoke profiles, so finding your favorite is easy.

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