Hand crafted in our state-of-the-art plant in Miami, USA using value range Atlantic Salmon. We hand cure each fillet with a blend of pure sea salt and brown sugar before smoking it over smoldering oak wood chips.



  • Side 1-1.6kg *
  • Side 2-3lbs *
Wholesale Sizes
* Available Unsliced
Kosher Certified
Processed in BRCGS Level 7 Accredited Plant
Processed in FDA
Registered Plant
Processed in FDACS
Food Permitted Plant

Quality Oak Smoked Salmon

Made in USA from  value range Atlantic salmon. Traditionally dry cured and cold smoked over oak wood chippings. Fully trimmed by hand. A good source of Omega 3.

  • Metric / Imperial
  • 1-1.6kg Side / 2-3lbs Side
Good Source of Omega 3

SmOAKed Slice Profiles

Our SmOAKed wholesale presentations are custom made to order and available in our diagonal slice profile.

Diagonal - D Cut

The smoked salmon is sliced diagonally at a shallow angle through the fillet creating a D-shaped slice.

SmOAKed Smoke Profile


SmOAKed is naturally cold smoked over a bed of smoldering oak wood chippings. We classify our salmon in three smoke profiles, so finding your favorite is easy.

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