Whole head on gutted Scottish salmon raised in the Shetland Islands. Our seawater salmon farms are located in Orkney and Shetland, the most northernly part of the United Kingdom. The strong tidal waters surrounding the Islands make them the perfect place to rear the world’s finest salmon.



  • 6-7kg / 13-15lbs
  • 3 Fish Per Box
  • ~ 45lbs Per Box
  • 7-8kg / 15-18lbs
  • 3 Fish Per Box
  • ~ 50lbs Per Box
  • 8-9kg / 18-20lbs
  • 2 Fish Per Box
  • ~ 37lbs Per Box
  • 9kg+ / 20lbs+
  • 1 Fish Per Box
  • ~ 20lbs Per Box

Can't Beat Our Availability, Quality & Credentials

Our superior Scottish salmon is a high quality product available year round to supply North America. We harvest at least twice a week, and fly via Heathrow to Miami on same day. Full traceability ensures that our salmon can be tracked throughout the supply chain. With audits throughout the fish lifecycle, our salmon has one of the most rigorous independent food standard audit processes. Our processes and production facilities adhere to standards that are regarded as the benchmark for best practice in the industry. Our plants are accredited BRCGS Grade 'AA'.

Good Source of Omega 3
Sustainably Sourced
100% All Natural Salmon
Protected Geographic Indication
Processed in BRCGS
Grade 'AA' Accredited Plant
Health & Welfare of Fish Ensured
Certified Organic Upon Request
Kosher Certified
Halal Certification Europe Upon Request
Processed in FDA
Inspected Plant
Raised in the Shetland Islands

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